Christ-Centered Meditation Retreats

A day to practice listening to God and experiencing the awesome things He wants to tell you.

God is always speaking to us.

Do you know how to listen?

Sometimes we need help in learning how to figure out what He is saying. To learn how He speaks.

A safe space to listen in community.

Christ-centered meditation retreats bring a group of individuals together to connect with God, listen to His voice, share in a safe space, and be encouraged by what He is saying. Our goal is to help individuals learn to grow in their relationship with the presence of God and the community of L3 Church gain in the experience of growing together with Him.

Times and Locations

Christ-centered meditation retreats typically occur a few times a year and last half the day. The cost is $15 and refreshments along with a light lunch are provided.

Upcoming retreats:

  • Saturday, Sept 22 9am-1pm

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