About Us

Wagner Leadership Institute is an international network of apostolic training centers established to equip the saints for kingdom ministry (Ephesians 4:11-12).

The Mission

Founded in 1998 by C. Peter Wagner, WLI reflects a new paradigm for unique Dr C Peter Wagner WLI Maryland L3 Church training in practical ministry. Students learn in a creative, revelatory atmosphere of teaching, impartation and activation with opportunity for hands-on practical application and ministry. WLI provides the highest level of training and spiritual impartation through a successful faculty of internationally known leaders who walk and minister powerfully out of the five-fold ascension gifts. Students obtain a living, functioning impartation and activation from the Holy Spirit to walk in their divine destiny.

C. Peter Wagner

Founder of WLI Leadership

More About WLI


The Central WLI Office and Training Facility are located in Pasadena, Calif. WLI is a non-residential campus and does not offer on-site housing. WLI has Regional Training Centers located around the U.S., including WLI Maryland located in Germantown and International Training Centers located in many different countries.


WLI desires to remain unhindered from traditional higher-level educational format requirements and is not an accredited institution. WLI offers three diploma tracks: Bachelor, Master, and Doctor of Practical Ministry. Diplomas do not certify levels of attainment, but rather accumulation of training units.

Diploma Requirements

Each diploma track requires completion of 120 training units (TUs). For each diploma track, 60 TUs must be earned from WLI courses (as opposed to outside courses or reading). 32 of the 120 TUs must be taken in a live format (attending class, webcasting, or outside course/conference). For each diploma track, at least 24 TUs must be earned from WLI core courses. One 4 TU core course must be taken in each of the six core topic areas.

WLI Courses

WLI courses may be taken for training unit credit or may be audited. Students may take courses in person at WLI training centers, view live courses via webcasting, order courses on CD/DVDs, or watch courses on our new online course system. Non-WLI (outside) courses and conferences may be taken for WLI training unit credit with pre-approval from the WLI MD Registrar. Students take courses at their own pace and select course topics most meaningful to their particular call. Training unit fees must be paid in full prior to taking any WLI course.

Course Registration

Students may register to attend or webcast upcoming courses, order CD and DVDs, or purchase online courses through the WLI website. Registration closes when maximum class size is reached. Walk-ins are permitted as space allows.

Earning Training Units

Training units are earned once a course is taken and a 3 to 5 page typed self-evaluation paper is submitted to the WLI office. Self-evaluation papers are due no later than 90 days after completion of the course. Self-evaluation papers for CD/DVD courses are due within a one year period after CD/DVD purchase. All courses are pass/fail. Students fail a course only when they neglect to turn in papers on time. Self-evaluation papers should focus on how students were transformed by the course rather than restating course content.

Two additional training units may be received for each course taken by reading at least 400 pages on the course subject. Submit the reading report form and tuition fees to the WLI Office to earn extra reading training units. Students may also receive training unit credit for on-going ministry, writing books, mission trips and pre-approved self-studies.

WLI Tuition

WLI tuition is based upon training units and varies by location. WLI MD is $25 per training unit. Two training units are assigned for each day in class. For example, a two day course is worth four training units and costs $100. The WLI Registrar will determine the number of training units earned for outside courses and conferences. Registration fees for outside course/conferences may be deducted from WLI tuition as long as the registration fee does not exceed fifty percent of the WLI tuition cost. For example, if you paid $75 for a conference which was accessed at 4 training units, your WLI tuition would be $100 (4 training units x $25) – $75 (registration fee cannot exceed fifty percent of $100) = $50. Only U.S. currency is accepted.

New Online Training Institute

WLI courses may be viewed online through our website at your convenience. Students may apply to the Online Training Institute to earn a Certificate of Completion. Students must complete 60 TUs of online courses, 24 of which must come from WLI core courses, to earn their certificate. All courses must be taken online. Tuition is paid as each course is purchased.

Ordination & Licensing

WLI does not ordain or license students for ministry.

WLI Admissions Application

WLI MD is open to all students at least 18 years of age. Prospective Students must fill out the online application and submit a $25 non-refundable application fee. (payable online) Upon acceptance, an acceptance fee of $50 is due before taking courses.

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Upcoming Courses

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