Testimony Week: Kaylee’s Story

By February 28, 2018Powerhouse


Hi everyone! My name is Kaylee. I grew up in a household that feared God, but not one that went to church every Sunday. In April of 2010 I accepted Christ. I didn’t really know what that meant but it felt right at that moment. I wasn’t baptized until I was 12. It wasn’t some crazy experience or a 180 turn in my life as it is for others. I lived my life struggling to follow all the rules I thought came with being a Christian. Spread the gospel, be polite, and all the other stereotypes that are pushed upon the modern Christian.

Growing up in public school is hard and you can get pretty beat up for being too nice. I grew angry and tired of the world. I was rebellious. I was in high school at this point. 2016 was the beginning of various bad decisions. I started hanging with the wrong people, I struggled to stay focused, and I skipped school a lot. I never got caught, so I thought I was invincible.

By the time my senior year started, my grades weren’t good enough to play sports. I slipped into depression as I was piled with school work and started failing pre-calculus. One day I decided to skip class in order to de-stress. That was the excuse I made. That day I got back around lunch and turned in a note that I had forged. This was one of the biggest mistakes I made, then I got caught.

After getting caught and confronting my parents with my mistake, I ran away from home. I went missing for 21 days and no one knew where I was or how I was doing and I wasn’t planning on returning. In late October, detectives found me and returned me to my house. By some miracle I was unharmed after so many days away from home.

I found out that my entire church had been praying and fasting for me. I am so thankful that nothing had happened to me, God had truly saved me. I was depressed when I left, but more importantly I was naïve. I could have easily been kidnapped alone on the street at 2 am. I praise God for his protection through that time.

One of the biggest lessons I learned through that experience is about true love. I had always struggled as a child to see what true love looked like, but when I returned that’s all I felt – Love. It was an unconditional love for me from my family, my friends, and my church community.

I am so thankful that God has put kindness into the hearts of others, from the people who helped me stay safe, to the people who prayed for me. God was truly merciful on me through all the people who were praying for my safety.

God really does listen to prayers. They may not be answered right away, but there is a reason behind everything He does. So keep praying- its always worth it and adds to the testimony afterwards. It teaches persistence and faith.

Thanks for reading and may God bless you all!