We’ve all heard that phrase many, many times. From the Bible. From our parents. From our pastors. But there’s nothing like seeing those words become alive in someone else’s life. That’s why Holly’s testimony of something that happened to her is an example of God’s goodness.

Did you know that the word “testimony” in Hebrew means “do it again, God?” So if you like what you hear from Holly’s story of how good God is, don’t be afraid to claim it for yourself, because that’s actually the purpose of sharing it!

My Testimony

My passion has always been to sing and be in a band. I didn’t know what type of music I wanted to create, but I knew my life had to involve singing and music. When I first started exploring this avenue I “created” a heavy metal band…but let’s just say that wasn’t meant to be.

So, I gave that up and almost forgot about my passion. Then about 4 months or so ago I asked God, “What do you want me to do”?

His answer? “SING”.

Those were the letters I saw! I realized he had given me a massive opportunity to sing.

Shortly after, I was asked if I wanted to be the worship leader of Powerhouse! I freaked out and immediately agreed. My heart was on cloud 9!

One of my favorite bible stories is of David singing and dancing in the streets. He never cared what others thought only what God thought. When I remembered that story, I told myself, “I want to be like David”. I don’t want to ever care about what the world says or thinks, only what God wants from me. I want to be kneeling in front of Him, passionately worshipping and proclaiming Holy is His name!

Throughout this journey so far, God has given wonderful band members and continues to remind me of the promise that more will come!


-Holly Winter

After reading something like this, it’s easy to think “great story, I’m so happy for her”. But the thing is, it’s a demonstration of how good God is. She didn’t share it to brag about her own life. She shared it to brag about who God is. And what he did for her because he loves her. Once she felt that love and realized he cared about her dreams, her heart changed and she no longer pursued herself but instead pursued God fully. Let’s not get caught up in trying to do that in the opposite order. “We love him because he first loved us” – 1 John 4:19.

If the same God who gave her such a passion for singing and then told her he wanted her to live her dream with him is living in you right now, who’s to say he won’t do the same for you?

God is good, no matter who you are. God is good, no matter what’s going on in your life.

That’s who he is. So take it and run with it. Ask him to show you who he is in your own life, and be unafraid. Why? Because God is who he says he is. Holly’s testimony is proof.

Now be inspired and go get your own!

He is good.