Go Fully to God

By March 8, 2018Powerhouse

Go fully to God with your problems. Your thoughts that are confusing you. Your pain over a situation.

What does that mean?  Going fully to God with things is a revelation I had this week. I want you to really think about this. We’ve all heard people telling us to go to God and this and that, so why would I be repeating it? Because there’s something special with that phrase. You’ve got to really think about it.

Go fully to God with it. With whatever it is that’s bothering you. A fear, a sin, a struggle, a heart wound, a physical problem.

Don’t go a little bit to him about it. Why? Because then there’s no room for the enemy in that situation and your thoughts about it. If you’ve gone to God about something completely, then the enemy won’t have a way to use it against you!

Don’t pop in here and there and pray about it a bit, then hope it goes away or gets fixed, but leave all of your questions still unanswered. Your thoughts unsolved. Your heart not healed. Don’t leave anything out of your conversations with God about this problem. Go to him with EVERY part of it, until there’s nothing left. Make sure every little thing in your mind is covered by him.

How do you make sure you’re going fully to God with things?

Well, the first thing you need to do is understand how we work. We have habits, which are developed from the way we process things were going through. When something’s going on, we react in certain ways. We think certain things- a lot. The job in our mindsets since being born again is to change the way we react and think, right?

In order to do so, we’ve got to change our habits when it comes to bringing God into our problems. The first way we can do this is find the key thing to pray for this situation. Find what it is that’s really bothering you- that one little thought in your head that you can’t define or understand. And then pray practical prayers, for real. An example of this is when I have an emotional struggle, I say “God help my heart to obey you”. Or when I’m struggling with negative thoughts, I just pray “Jesus, give me your mindset and joy”. Those are only two of the tons of prayers I’ve started to put into practice throughout my everyday life.

The more you pray about something, the less of s chance it stands, and the sooner it has to end! So ATTACK it with prayer, my friends. Attack the thing that’s attacking you with prayer. Take that, enemy! God is so much stronger, we just need to go to him to get that strength!

Another way is to find Bible verses on everything you’re dealing with. And I mean EVERYTHING. (I’m huge on validating every little thing, even the things you don’t think matter, because everything has seeds and plants in your mind and grows and one day you’ll see it and it will affect you unless you take care of it earlier).  A lot of your prayers will be based off of scriptures anyways (I mean, shouldn’t they all?). But there’s something powerful about knowing that it’s in the word of God. It gives you permission to declare it and command things.

This is pretty self explanatory, but I’m going to share a testimony as an example: I used to be anxious to speak formally in front of groups of people. God revealed to me what it was from and started the process of helping me work through it. But through the process, I was so scared whenever I was asked to do it.  However, I knew God wanted me to get over that fear, so I was like you know what I’m gonna have to figure out how to do this speech. So let me tell you a walkthrough of the process for me:

1. I Searched and found a bunch of verses that apply to my situation aka on the word fear  because that’s what it was. (I’m not going to give you any because you need to find the ones that speak to you own your own so they really have power!)

2. I picked one that I felt really connected to. Okay, I actually picked two.

3. I memorized them/it.

4. Now the part that changed the game: I declared it daily. If I missed a day, I’d get nervous and all the lies would come into my head and I wouldn’t have a defense and it would be so much harder… so I would do it that night and go to bed in peace. I did it whenever I got thoughts of nervousness, if I could. At first, it took a lot of effort to turn off the nervousness I had. But as the days leading up went on, and I had been declaring my verses every day, at one point I could just ignore the anxiety, so eventually it just gave up and stopped bothering me. As I saw it start to work, I got more confident and bold and the moment it came, I would just cut off and be like dude we’ve already been over this, I already know the truth and how this works. And I didn’t have to think about it and work through the process of stopping the anxious thoughts anymore. I just had a habit of shutting it off and it went away.

Declaring scriptures out loud I think that’s one of the keys I’ve only recently added into my life, and it makes such an incredible difference.

The final way I want to share is a combination of these previous two things, and absolutely the most easy and least time consuming, if you remember to do it. It takes time to build your habit of doing this, but it’s helped me so incredibly much:

Every time you think of the situation, say a key word or phrase in your head. You’ll do it more and more often as you build this new habit. This is important because it takes every thought captive and replaces it with truth. These can be from the prayer or the scripture. The difference is, you’re not taking time to declare these in the morning first thing, as you would put on armor before a battle- it’s not preparation. Let’s be honest, we don’t always have time to read scriptures when were out and about, feeling anxious in the grocery store or in the middle of a conversation. Hopefully, we’ve read them enough that they come to mind and we remember them, but this is a really helpful way to do so. You’re using those words in those tiny moments in your head when you’re in the middle of something and the thought of the situation comes into your head. For me, something I did for that week of anxiety was write the phrase “I’m not afraid” on my wrist, which is a combination of my prayer that God would make me unafraid and my theme verses that said “there’s no fear in love” and do not be afraid”’. These were powerful reminders of things that I knew had weight because they were from scripture, but also practical and personalized. These don’t even have to be directly from a Bible verse, they can just be a Biblical thought or a word from God.

Once you know how to combat your thoughts, which are what cause the emotions, you can handle any problem that comes your way with God! It’s all about our perspective of things, and reading the scriptures give us the understanding of the truth about our situations and cover anything we may not have gone to God about. When new thoughts about the same problem pop up, just go through these processes with them. Don’t give up until all the negative thoughts are gone. Don’t stop until you’ve gone fully to God with it.

Your turn everyone!

Love, Micaelah