Welcome to L3 Church’s Online Giving Service. Online giving is a safe and easy way to support the ministries of L3 Church. This system enables you to support the church by making a one-time contribution or establishing a recurring contribution. Simply click on the above button and follow the easy to follow instructions. As of April 16th, 2016 L3 Church is using a new online giving platform. (If you have given in the past you will need to enter your giving information again.)

Give Online

Text To Give

Giving is now as easy as sending a text. To try it out, send the amount to 84321. A link will be sent back to you. Choose L3 Church and add an email address for a receipt. Next, add your payment information and then you’ll be set up! From now on, when you want to give just grab your phone and text an amount.

Special keywords

“STOP” – This will immediately deactivate Text-to-Give for for you. If you’d like, you can enroll again later.

“HELP” – This will prompt a response message back to you with a link to a help page. This page will show you helpful information about Text-to-Give and show the list of active funds.